The charismatic Randeep Hooda who has finally come into his own in the Hindi movie industry.

The charismatic Randeep Hooda who has finally come into his own in the Hindi movie industry.

They say that talent is not what you possess but what you make of it and this is certainly the case with the talented actor Randeep Hooda who with the just released Murder 3 has most definitely shown his talent and announced his arrival in the Hindi movie industry. What he has also shown is that he certainly possesses an intensity which is quite fascinating to watch. With a great personality and powerful baritone to boot in the last few years he has certainly impressed one and all with some powerful performances be it in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai , Sahib, Biwi aur Gangster or Jannat 2.

As is the case with many actors in the Hindi movie industry Randeep too hails from a small town called Rohtak in the state of Haryana. His father Ranbir Hooda is surgeon while mother Asha Hooda is a social worker. The passion for acting grew in Hooda grew during his school days at the Motilal Nehru School of Sports which was a boarding school located in Rai Sonepat Haryana. It was also during school that the actor also developed a passion for equestrian sports for which he also went on to win medals at the national level. It was around this time that he was shifted to Delhi Public School by his parents as they wanted him to become a doctor rather than focusing on acting as a career option. This stint at the Delhi Public School frustrated the actor to such a limit that it started affecting his behavior towards people. As Randeep quite candidly in an interview recalled that “If anybody had to skip school, leave school, get drinks, get their drinks, get their examination by someone else, I was the guy who arranged all that. I was a bit short tempered and a bit frustrated in school so all that contributed to the attitude”. As soon as he completed his schooling he went to Melbourne Australia to complete his graduation in marketing and a master’s degree in business management and human resource management. It is not long after he returned after completing his studies in Australia that he started participating in amateur theatre in Delhi. It was around the year 2000 that Mira Nair was casting for Monsoon Wedding and lady luck struck for the actor when not only did he get an opportunity to audition for a role in the movie but also managed to get that role.

With the actor getting his much needed breakthrough in Monsoon Wedding and also impressing one and all with a very matured and subtle performance much was expected from this actor. Unfortunately though it took the actor four long years to get his next big project titled D and directed by Vishram Sawant. It was during this long wait that the actor took to theatre and joined the great Nasseruddin Shah’s Motley theatre group which enabled him to get better at his craft. Such is his respect for Nasseruddin Shah that he considers him just like a father figure. So although his performance as a cold blooded gangster in D was much appreciated he did not get the roles that would give him enough scope to truly exhibit his talent. So yet again he had to wait till 2010 when the Milan Luthria directed gangster click Once Upon Time in Mumbai finally gave him the platform to showcase his talent. So impactful was his performance as the honest cop ACP Agnel Wilson that he certainly made an impression on the fickle Hindi movie industry. On the back of the success of Once Upon Time in Mumbai came Sahib, Biwi, Aur Gangster in which he gave yet another riveting performance which was liked by audiences and critics both alike. So impactful was Randeep’s performance in Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster that famous movie critic Nikhat Kazmi  from The Times of India called his performance “absolutely mesmerizing”. It was then in 2012 in Jannat 2 directed by Kunal Deshmukh where once again he was at his very best and in turn created a huge impact in the minds of the audience throughout the country. Later in the year he acted in the Pooja Bhatt directed Jism-2 and although there were mixed reviews on his performance the movie did perform moderately well at the box office. With Murder 3 just released and couple of significant projects in his bag he is finally well on his way to taste more success in the future as well.

As a personality Randeep has definitely lived in an interesting life. He is particularly been known for big mood swings which he attributes to him belonging to a Jat family.  He also was ranked 21st in the Times of India annual list of 50 desirable men of 2009 to which his modest response was “Although surprised and grateful I want people to know me for my body of work than just my body”. He also was in a relationship with former Miss Universe and actress Sushmita Sen which eventually did not materialize and they broke up in 2006. The break up apparently did not affect him and he even honestly admitted on record that “The break up was the best thing that happened to me and I realized that I gave it too much time in my life it freed my energy to do other things”. Apart from his passion for acting he is also passionately involved in social work.

The new found success over the last few years for Randeep has certainly opened many more opportunities for him to explore in the near future. With couple of good projects in his hands including one from Karan Johar’s production sky certainly seems to be the limit for this charismatic Jat from Haryana.


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