It is believed that in order to sell a product to its consumer advertising is a tool that holds the key to the successful selling of that particular product. So in order to create a successful advertisement campaign and thereby create a brand name for a product a need for a very good tagline is of utmost importance. A good tagline not only increases the brand value of the company but it also helps the consumer to relate with the product. It is for this reason that I have decided to rate my top 10 favorite taglines of various products in the highly competitive world of advertising in India. The lists are as follows:


1.  “Utterly butterly, delicious”- Amul.

One of the most creative and extremely intelligent tagline that I have ever come across. The fact that the product is butter is very cleverly represented in this wonderful tagline. Of significance is the use of the word “butterly” which is not only creative but also quite perfectly represents the product i.e. butter. Overall a great example of a perfect tagline that not only has represented the product beautifully but also made Amul a brand it is today.


2. “Just Do it”- Nike.

This tagline has definitely become legendary for brand Nike over the years and quite rightly so because it perfectly represents the attitude of the brand. In fact such has been the impact of this tagline that many a times people have used this phrase in daily conversations. The sheer genius of this tagline is that it represents the brand which basically supplies clothing, footwear, sportswear etc quite appropriately. All in all a great tagline which along with the brand’s logo “Swoosh” has played a big part in creating “Nike” the brand.

3.” There is some things money can’t buy for everything else there is MasterCard”- MasterCard.

Here is yet another classic tagline that tells you everything you want to know about brand MasterCard. The greatness about this tagline is that it takes just a single sentence to advertise the brand. What makes it more special is the practicality of the tagline which in today’s commercialized world certainly rings true. Thus it is the practicality of the tagline of the brand that stands out and hopefully will continue to stand out in years to come.


4.  “Connecting People”- Nokia.

A short and sweet tagline but yet perfectly describing the product i.e. mobile phones in perfect style. Yet again this tagline is an example of how effective a single sentence can be to advertise the brand. In the case of Nokia what makes it even more special is that it just takes two words.  A really worthy tagline for a great brand called Nokia and here is hoping that this tagline continues to carry the brand forward in the near future.


5.  “Neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride” – Onida.

Another gem of a tagline that represents the popular electronics brand called Onida. Once again a great example of how a short sentence with appropriate use of vocabulary can eventually transform into an all time great tagline for a product. What also makes this tagline special is the brilliant use of the words “envy and pride” to highlight the quality of the product to the consumer. Overall a great tagline with an exemplary use of vocabulary which will certainly go down in the history of Indian advertisements as one of the great taglines ever.




6.   “Thanda, matlab Coke Cola”- Coke Cola.

A unique tagline to say the least for the brand Coke Cola. The uniqueness of this tagline is that the language used is Hindi. Especially of note is the use of the word “Thanda” which means chilled in Hindi with obvious reference to the product Coke Cola a soft drink. What also makes this tagline effective is the video advertisements campaign featuring actor Aamir Khan in different characters. Yet again a great tagline for a great product and definitely one that will be remember in the future as well.


7.   “Dho Dhala”- Surf Excel.

Another tagline which has used Hindi effectively to advertise the brand Surf Excel which is one of India’s most popular and oldest detergent powder. The interesting aspect of this tagline is the use of an Hindi phrase “Dho Dala” which literally means washed it which very perfectly encapsulates the product i.e. detergent powder. Also this tagline is yet another example of how other Indian languages  especially Hindi can be as effective a language as English to advertise any given product. In totality another perfect tagline which brilliantly represents this brand of detergent of powder in India.

8. “ Boost is the secret of my energy”- Boost.

I can clearly visualize the great Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar featuring in an advertisement with the above mentioned tagline for Boost a popular chocolate flavored health drink brand in India. Yet again the clever use of the words “energy and secret” in the context to the brand is what makes this tagline so special and one that can never be forgotten. All in all a great tagline which will continue to be remembered in the years to come.


9.  “Impossible is nothing”- Addidas.

A tagline with a definite punch to it and which certainly adds to the brand value of the brand Addidas. The tagline also reflects the brand in which nothing is impossible to find from clothing, shoes, a variety of sporting gear to even deodorants etc everything can be found. So this tagline perfectly fits the brand Addidas which provides the consumer with variety. In totality a good tagline which has only added to the brand value of Addidas and will continue to add more brand value in the near future as well.


10. “I’m Complan boy, I’m Complan girl”- Complan.

A tagline which explains the brand Complan a milk energy drink in a very simple and direct style. The interesting part of this tagline is that it uses both sexes i.e. boy and girl clearly indicating that this brand is suitable for anyone and everyone be it from the male sex or female sex. So all in all a very direct and simple tagline which not only fits the brand but also abolishes all prejudices between the sexes which is why it will always be remembered in the near future.


So finally the list of my favourite taglines from the advertising world in India comes to an end and I must confess that I thoroughly enjoyed writing this article to the fullest. Now all I can hope for his that my loyal blog readers enjoy reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. So here is wishing Happy Reading to one and all.








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