The scenic beauty of the town Townsville located in Queensland Australia.

Among the many destinations around the world the one destination worth travelling for its naturally beautiful landscape and its wildlife is a small town in Australia known as Townsville. Townsville is a small town in the north eastern coast of Australia and is located in the state of Queensland. This small town of Townsville is about 1300 km away from Brisbane which is the capital of the state of Queensland (the flight duration from Townsville to Brisbane is about one and half hours.). This quiet town of Townsville is sparsely populated and according to 2009-2010 population census the town has a population of about 185,768.

The town of Townsville was initially inhabited by indigenous groups or the Aborigine community as more popularly known and, these groups included groups such as Walkgurukala, Bindal, Girrugubla, Warakandi, Naugai among others. It was also believed that the original owner of Townsville was the Walkgurukala group. The famous British navigator James Cook is also supposed to have visited the Townsville region during his very first visit down under in 1770, without actually landing (Coincidentally today a popular university called James Cook University or JCU was named after the explorer James Cook which is considered as one of the landmark of Townsville for tourist to visit).  The climate of Townsville can be best described as a typical tropical climate. The town consist of three major seasons and they are the wet, winter and summer seasons. The winter season in Townsville exists between May to October, while the summer and wet season coexists from November to April i.e. it usually rains in Townsville during the summer months. The month of December is considered as the warmest month of the year with maximum temperature of 31.4 degree Celsius and a minimum temperature of 24 degree Celsius. While July is considered to the coldest month with a maximum temperature of 25 degree Celsius and a minimum of 13.5 degree Celsius.  Hence it is best to travel to Townsville during the winter months i.e. from May to October. Also, most of North Queensland is really prone to cyclones during summer season and hence travelling during summer is not really advisable. Townsville also being located in Queensland State which is considered as the “Sunshine State of Australia” is completely bathed in sun and statistically speaking Townsville receives 8.4 hr of sunshine per day, thus making Townsville a paradise for tourist from all around the world.

One of the features of Townsville that will definitely catch the eye of any tourist is the wildlife which is truly beautiful and diverse in every sense of the word. One of the most popular animal amongst prevalent wildlife in Townsville is the Kangaroos. The uniqueness of these Kangaroos is that they are only found in Australia. These kangaroos are also found quite often on the roads just like you would notice street dogs in many countries around the world.

Apart from kangaroos you will also find a variety of beautiful birds in Townsville and, many of which produce beautiful chirping sounds especially at sunrise which acts as beautiful music to ones ears early in the morning which is always a soothing way to start your day. Also since Townsville does have presence of a lot of water sources like rivers, lakes etc and its climate is typically tropical the presence of alligators can be observed in quite a few areas in and around Townsville.

Apart from great wildlife Townsville also is popular for many of its tourist hot spots or destinations.  Among the few tourist spots one of the most popular tourist destination is a wildlife sanctuary known as Billabong sanctuary. This sanctuary is located in the outskirts of Townsville hence it could cause some inconvenience to tourist but my personal opinion is that its worth travelling and spending some quality time with the wildlife within the sanctuary. The best aspect about this sanctuary is its variety you will find wildlife ranging from birds to reptiles such as alligators and different kinds of snakes right up to kangaroos and koalas which like the kangaroos are also found mainly in Australia. Another feature of this sanctuary which would make the visit even more worthwhile is the opportunity to hold a koala and click a picture, as a matter of fact they even allow you to hold a baby alligator for a picture of course in this case under certain instructions for obvious reasons of safety. All in all Billabong is a great place to visit for all tourists and definitely highly recommended. Another tourist spot worth visiting in Townsville is  the ‘Strand’ which basically is long stretch of garden strip along side the tropical beach. This spot is beautiful just due to the scenic view of the sea as also for the strong gusty winds that’s blows across sea on to the garden strip.  The beautiful view of the sea makes it worth visiting, more so if photography happens to be your passion and, I would go as far as saying that ‘The Strand’ is a photographer’s paradise and definitely a must visit place for old and young alike. The next tourist attraction worth visiting for any tourist is an aquarium known as ‘The Reef HQ” which to say the least is really beautiful and must be visited. The most attractive aspect of this aquarium is that it comprises of many of flora and fauna found in the world famous Great Barrier Reef. As a result of which you get to see marine life such as sharks, turtles, stingers rays etc which makes it a very unique experience especially for tourist who do not belong to Australia and south east Asian reigon.  Finally we arrive at a couple of tourist spots that are essential to visit for any tourist to undertake in order to complete a full tour of this small town of Townsville.  Thus we begin with a museum located in Townsville city very aptly called ‘Museum of Tropical Queensland” and is supposed to be built around relics from a sunken warship HMS Pandora and is a must see for any tourist.  The area around the famous river of Townsville  known as ‘Ross River’ although not an official tourist spot is a must see for its scenic beauty for any tourist visiting Townsville. Last but not least there is a large island 8 kilometres off the city known as Magnetic island or popularly known in typical Australian slang as Maggie islands and this island is a pure tourist delight so a must see tourist destination. This island is basically famous for providing you for various water sports like snorkelling, diving, water skiing etc which makes the island a perfect hub for tourist and it does attract quite a number of tourist every year. One  of the major factors for the island attracting a large number of tourist is due to a party celebrated on the island known as ‘Full Moon Party” ( the name full moon because the party occurs on a full moon night every month). This party is quite famous especially with the younger tourist as alcohol flows freely during these parties and at cheap rates too especially prices of beer is not expensive at all. Thus all these factors help attracting a lot of tourist to the island and is certainly worth a visit if you like to live life king size.

The people of Townsville are in general very friendly and extremely helpful especially the older generation. The original culture of this town basically is the Aborigine culture but due to migration especially by European settlers  over the years have led to a fall in the Aborigine community and hence a decline in the Aborigine culture which is really sad. Another aspect which stands out about the town is the amount of overseas students living due to the presence of the famous James Cook University and coincidentally majority of the overseas students are from China and India (considering the fact that China and India are considered to be two largest fastest growing economies in the world today this fact is not surprising). Also since there are few industries in this town it makes the town perfect for tourist, for retired life and for students. In terms of shopping Townsville is unfortunately not a shopper’s paradise. Although the town has a couple of large malls including the famous STOCKLAND shopping mall the problem is that firstly there is no variety which is an essential ingredient for shopping and, lastly and more importantly the cost is too high which definitely kills the interest in shopping.  In terms of food basically since Townsville lies near the coast so fish is quite readily available although most of fishes found are  fresh water fishes they are quite delicious. The only issue with fish is that it is really expensive. So the next best option is meat i.e. chicken, mutton, pork ,beef  as not only is it considered to be of real high quality but it is comparatively cheaper than fish. Unfortunately the vegetarian eaters would face a tough time as there is not much variety available. As for hotels not much hotels are found since the town is small but large number of motels or “back packers” as popularly known are found which is also a lot cheaper than a hotel and provides for most of the basic amenities required by  tourists.

Thus all in all I would say that the town of Townsville in totality is a serene and a beautiful town which is worth the effort to visit if you have the money to spend. The one thing that I can assure any of the readers  that is interested to travel to  Townsville is that the landscape and its wildlife is just outstanding and will definitely take you breath away. and Places
Among the many destinations around the world the one destination worth travelling for its naturally beautiful landscape and its wildlife is a small town in Australia known as Townsville. Townsville is a small town in the north eastern coast of Australia and is located in the state of Queensland....