Anurag Kashyap a genius and one of the pioneers of the so called “NEW WAVE HINDI CINEMA”.

“Keh ke loonga” says the character of Sardar Khan played by Manoj Bajpai in the recently released brilliant movie Gangs of Wasseypur Part I directed by Anurag Kashayap. This movie along with movies such Pan Singh Tomar, Shangai etc in the recent months has certainly proved that a new wave of Hindi cinema is all ready to wash away all preconceived notions of Hindi cinema very soon. All credit for this creation of new wave Hindi cinema must go to directors like Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee, Tigmanshu Dhulia etc for arriving in the Hindi movie industry just like a breath of fresh air.

The fact that these new age directors have shown us a new language of cinema at a time when clichés had become part and parcel of Hindi cinema speaks volumes of the conviction and courage of such directors. What also makes these directors so great is the simply fact that they are not ready to compromise on any aspect of film making be it dialogues or performances of the actors which certainly reflects quite beautifully on screen. So as a tribute to these new age directors let us have a look at who are these directors and discuss their work in general.  The list of directors in no particular order are as follows.


Here is man who can only be termed as a “Pure Dynamite” of a talent. He has easily become India’s answer to the great Hollywood director Quentin Tarintino with a style of film making that is uncompromised and real. What also makes Anurag’s movie’s so great is the fact that the character’s are so raw and real with no hint of remorse for their actions so completely different from the kind characters in Indian cinema we are used to seeing down the years. Also his taste for great music be it Emotional hatyachar in Dev D to Keh ke loonga in the recent Gangs of Wasseypur only adds to the charm of his movies. The genre Anurag has dabbled with has been varied and interesting from romance in Dev D to crime in movie such as Black Friday and Gangs of Wasseypur  to politics in Gulal thereby emphasizing the fact that he is indeed a multidimensional director. All one  can hope is for more brilliance from this “Quentin Tarantino” of India.


His first movie Haasil based on student politics itself was quite impactful with  stellar performances from the cast especially by Irrfan Khan.  A director with a flair for real stories with a feel for countryside.  The best aspect about his movies is the fact that true human emotions like jealousy, frustrations, betrayal are brought to life so beautifully on screen. With movies such as Pan Singh Tomar, Haasil, Saheb Biwi aur Gangster one can only hope more of the same brilliance from this director from a humble background in the near future.


He can easily be called the cinematic version of “William Shakespeare” with two of  his best works Omkara and Maqbool based on Shakespeare classic. What also makes him different from other directors is the fact that he is a music director and composes some interesting music be it Dil toh Baccha Hai Ji from Ishiqya to Dhan Tan Nan from Kaminey which certainly adds to the charm of his movies. What also stands out in Bhardawaj’s  movies is the realism he displays in his characters as also in the situations he creates for the movie and captures the essence of the movie which makes for some great viewing. With movies with Imran Khan, Emraan Hashmi in the pipeline it would be interesting to watch this master at work in his future project.


This is a director that gives new wave cinema a totally different  meaning with nothing conventional about him’. From the creative Khosla ka Ghosla to the dramatic Shangai he has defied all rules of conventional Hindi cinema but yet made it his own a great achievement indeed. Be it in his free use of camera in Love, Sex aur Dhoka or in his innovative story telling in Shangai he has always wanted to create his own style which he has successfully done so. With incredible success so far here is hoping for more success for this genius of a filmmaker who answers by the name of “DIBAKAR BANERJEE”.


This director made his mark with the brilliant edgy Shaitan a path very few debutant directors in Hindi cinema are prepared to take out of insecurity. This move to make a movie like Shaitan as a debut speaks highly of Bejoy’s conviction to his story a rare quality in today’s world where compromise in the name of success is the name of the game. The best aspect about his first movie was the way in which the world of these youngsters were captured cinematically. Also the grungy background score used was a brilliant idea which blended in with story beautifully. For Bejoy in his first movie he had support of Anurag Kashyap who is a believer in the so called New Wave Cinema so it will be interesting to see whether Bejoy gets other producer’s to support his cinema or will he be forced to compromise for his survival in this highly competitive industry.

Overall with the influx of directors with new and creative ideas as mentioned above certainly indicates that a “New Wave Cinema” is slowly but surely on the rise but, what is even more important is the fact that there is an audience for such cinema hungry for more. So for the sake of genuine cinema lovers one can only hope that this is just a start of a new phase called “New Wave  Cinema” in the world of the Hindi film industry. cinemaCinemaEntertainment
“Keh ke loonga” says the character of Sardar Khan played by Manoj Bajpai in the recently released brilliant movie Gangs of Wasseypur Part I directed by Anurag Kashayap. This movie along with movies such Pan Singh Tomar, Shangai etc in the recent months has certainly proved that a new...