The magnificent Al Pacino in a truly great performance as Tony Montana in Scarface.

The magnificent Al Pacino in a truly great performance as Tony Montana in Scarface.

There are very few gangster movies in Hollywood that deal with the rise and fall of the American gangster and one such movie which is now a cult classic is the Brian De Palma 1983 directed movie starring the great Al Pacino as Tony Montana in “Scarface”. This classic has been written by the great Oliver Stone. It is movie all about one man’s rise and fall in the cocaine world that answer’s by the name of “TONY MONTANA”.

The plot of this movie is quite simplistic in nature and basically begins with this ambitious Cuban refugee Tony Montana (Al Pacino) who dreams of making it big in America. So in order to fulfill his dreams Tony arrives in Miami during the Mariel boatlift in 1980. On arrival in Miami he and his best friend Manny Ribera (Steven Bauer) and a few other associates are sent to “Freedomtown” a refugee camp. It is at this refugee camp that they get an offer of a green card in exchange for killing a former Cuban government servant who had used his power to torture the brother of drug dealer Frank Lopez (Robert Loggia). With the green card as also freedom from the refugee camp it is then that Tony and his friends are offered to handle a drug deal by Omar Suarez (F Murray Abraham) who is a henchman of Frank Lopez. However the deal goes horribly wrong and in turn Tony loses his friend Angel (Pepe Serna) who loses his life. It after this incident that Tony and Manny along with the drug and money come into contact with Frank Lopez who is highly impressed by their courage and decides to recruit them into the gang. Soon Tony is also introduced to the girlfriend of Frank called Elvira Hancock (Michelle Pfeiffer) to whom he gets attracted instantly. From this point on the greed to reach right at the top in the cocaine business becomes Tony’s sole ambition. So with ruthless ambition Tony goes about building his empire which includes killing his boss Frank Lopez and joining hands with cocaine drug lord Alejandro Sosa(Paul Shenar) and eventually he does reach the top of cocaine world. Unfortunately for Tony as fast as he grows the faster he falls which leads to him even killing his best friend Manny just because he happened to fall in love with his younger sister Gina(Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and eventually marry her which leads to a violent and shocking climax.

What stands out about this movie is the realistic way in which the ruthless cocaine business is brought to life and this was only possible due to great writing which includes the screenplay by the great Oliver Stone. The great background score by Giorgio Moroder perfectly blends with the plot of the movie quite beautifully and most defiantly adds a certain charm to it. Although the movie is quite long in length the editing by Gerald B Greenberg and D Gray is crisp and helps capturing the story beautifully. The cinematography by John A Alonzo is sheer brilliant so be it the brilliant interrogation scene of Tony or the scene where the character of Omar Suarez being hanged from top of a helicopter it has been perfectly captured all due to brilliant camera work. Also what catches the eye about this movie is the dialogues written by the brilliant Oliver Stone of significance is the now worldwide famous line “Say hello to my little friend” although the dialogues have been well written there are some dialogues which are harsh and, it may not be liked by one and all. Also due to the amount of profanity and violence used this is definitely an adult movie which cannot really be watched by children although it is great movie and will always remain one. As for the direction by the great Brian De Palma who is well known for his style he certainly lives up to expectations and captures the ruthless world of the cocaine business quite beautifully. What he has also used perfectly is the violence which can erupt at any given moment just like a volcano. So be it the chainsaw massacre scene or the killing of the Omar Suarez character the violence certainly surprises you and manages to keep you on the edge of your seat right throughout the movie. Overall it is a movie that has certainly been directed well and more importantly the subject matter has been well handled by De Palma and, this movie will certainly go down as a De Palma masterpiece in the world of cinema.

As for the performances which all one can say after watching this brilliant movie is truly magnificent. So starting from Steven Bauer who plays Manny who is the best friend of Tony Montana is just great in a role that needs him to play second fiddle to the great Pacino. What stands out is the fact is that as Manny he does not get lost even though he has most of scenes with a truly great actor like Pacino and all credit must go to him for that. As Tony’s sister Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio she is just pure dynamite and brings a certain spark to her character that was needed without putting much effort. As Tony’s boss Robert Loggia is terrific and displays a range of emotions from flamboyant living to desperation with ease and certainly seemed to represent what the character Frank Lopez was all about. The stunningly beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer as Tony’s wife Alvira is sheer brilliant and brings in a kind of feistiness that the character required what she also does brilliantly is that in every scene she has with Pacino she brings him to life and that is quite evident in the chemistry between the two characters. The henchman of Frank Lopez played by F Murray Abraham is also great and certainly plays the small but very significant part with great aplomb. Finally last but not the least is the truly magnificent performance from one of the greatest actors in world cinema Al Pacino as the ruthless ambitious Cuban refugee who ends up becoming one of the kingpin’s in the cocaine business. It is really remarkable to see just how he transformed himself into the character of Tony Montana so be it his Cuban accent or his aggressive mannerisms he is just sublime and like a dialogue in the movie one must admit that “There is never going to be an actor like him again” and he will always remain an unique actor in mind of cinema lovers all over the world.

Overall this movie Scarface will certainly be considered as an all time classic in the world of cinema. Although more importantly this movie tells us the story of how too much of greed too quickly comes with a heavy price and that price may well mean losing your life and, it is eventually up to an individual to decide if the price is worth taking or not. ReviewsREVIEWS OF INDIAN AND ENGLISH CLASSIC MOVIES
There are very few gangster movies in Hollywood that deal with the rise and fall of the American gangster and one such movie which is now a cult classic is the Brian De Palma 1983 directed movie starring the great Al Pacino as Tony Montana in “Scarface”. This classic...